Bronx, Not Just For Graffiti Writers

Published on July 18, 2010, 11:44 am
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The Bronx, one of the most negatively popular boroughs of New York is a place, which will both highlight negativity and positivity in its alleys. Bronx is as dark as the baroque paintings while again it is black and white and provides lighter shades of the fairy tales. A place, which can very easily be transformed into a film or novel script. Very few have been written on this place, though the famous Edgar Allan Poe lived the last few days of his life in his silent house off the Bronx highway.

The notorious Bronx

It was only in the novel Stoneheart: The Bronx by Kevin Thomas the real picture of Bronx came out. The book has been compared with Al Pacinos films on the underworld and gangsters. This place has always been highlighted for all the notorious underbelly activities prevailing in this region. The novel is extremely dramatic just like the real Bronx. Filled with adventure, misfortune, happiness it just reflects the true Bronx in all its pages.

The Bronx – an ideal place for writers

The power packed Bronx with several heritage sites namely the zoos, the museum of Bronx history, the house of Edgar Allan Poe alongside the posh and the subdued slums present a vibrant picturesque. Right from low-income cooperative houses to New Yorks largest part the Pelham Bay Bronx has it all. It is this mixture of wealth and poverty that dominate this region of New York. Not just graffiti writers, there is much more happening in the dark down side in this part of the world.

Bronx – the story has just begun

It is only recently that this region has come out in the highlight of the world. With those numerous tourist attractions to the stark reality of the place, everything is just breathtaking of this region. It gives us an awesome picture of the two worlds at one place. The millionaires luxurious first world exists along side the poverty ridden down trodden third world. When on one hand the million dollar homes focuses on the developed New York, the past is still cherished within the alleys of the backdoors of they city.

Any tragedy or drama is always loaded with too much of tension and happiness indicating a flaw as well as a final ending. All the materials needed for any story to become successful are contained in this place. It is indeed worth Kevin Thomass effort that has led him to explore this unexplored region of the world. There is too much to come from this region in the years to come. It is a writers heaven constantly supplying plots that will haunt, make you dreamy, and help you dive into the reality and then sit back and enjoy the Bronx to the fullest.


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