Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz’ Failure

Published on May 04, 2010, 12:05 pm
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I beg to differ from Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz (D-Bronx) who condemned Arizona’s recently passed immigration law, calling it un-American. The law requires the police to stop and question anyone who looks like an illegal immigrant.

“We are a nation of immigrants,” stated Assemblyman Dinowitz. “I’m not sure what an illegal immigrant looks like, but clearly this statute is nothing less than legalized racial profiling. This law will invite harassment and result in the arrest of countless people, regardless of immigration status or citizenship. It would allow law enforcement to question or arrest people simply on the basis of appearing to be foreign born. If that’s not un-American, I don’t know what is. The selective stopping of people and demanding identity papers certainly is a frightening reminder of horrible events that occurred in countries where citizens were often oppressed and in some cases killed based on race or religious beliefs.”

He says he does not know how an illegal immigrant looks… Has he not walked the streets of Manhattan, Downtown and Midtown, where countless illigal immigrants from the African continent sell counterfit goods on the streets, displaying walkie-talkies on their necks for easy communication and avoidance of NYC’s “finest”. Has he not ridden the subways to and from the city’s airports to see the countless Chinese illigal immigrants selling counterfit DVD’s for “faaai dollaaa”. Has he not walked in Battery Park and around Canal Street and W Broadway?

Is Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz and the rest of the politicians and law-enforcement in this “people-loving” and most American of all America City blind?

Almost a year ago, on an early Sunday afternoon, I brought to the attention of two Italian cops, sitting in a parcked NYPD patrol car at the NE corner of W Broadway and Canal, the fact that all 4 corners of the intersection were infested with people selling counterfit goods, who on top of all were forcing pedestrians to walk on the street as the sidewalks could not handle this ammassing of illigal trade. Their answer was “Get out’a here!”. I proceeded to respond that I am going to report them, when they jumped out of the car and handcuffed me by the sidewalk asking me what kind of drugs or medications I am on to dare speak to them. They made a scene calling for back-ups and we spent 20 minutes on the street as they were discussing on what charges could I possibly be locked in. After I reminded them that I had actually done nothing and they cannot make up stories in front of so many witnesses, including my brother, they decided to let me go if I promissed not to report the incident. As we were discussing the terms of my being uncuffed and let go, the very decorated supervisor (part of the back-up party, which came to the “resque”) asked me “What do you want me to do?”, after I explained why and what I told the 2 cops, who handcuffed me. Apparently, he said, he had more compassion for these “poor” folks who live like sardines, cramped in small apartments in the boroughs, than he did for Luis Vuitton. What a Robin Hood!

The streets of this city and the rest of the country should be swept of the criminals, who use and abuse the naive American populous, put an a boat and sent back to their countries of origin, noto before spending 6 months helping build the border down South to pay for the trip.

Nation of immigrants, Dinowitz says… What kind of immigrants I ask back. Criminals?

I wonder how much and who do the illigal street vendors and their organised bosses pay to be allowed to continue their broad day light crime, and why is it that everybody in NYC pretends they do not see.

Failing for generations to solve the issue of illegal immigration in pursuit of cheap labor and cost savings will continue to bring this country down to its knees up to the moment it loses its might and edge before the rest of the world. Much like the parasite killing its host, the country, will continue to suffer in the hands of people, who do not bring net gain to society.

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz appears blinded by populism and hungry for votes. He does not have mine. He shouldnot have yours either.


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