Another Moving Bronx Family Reunion Unfolds

Published on September 08, 2010, 8:23 am
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Tommy Goldberg, a reader of ours from the Bronx, recently sent the following story and images concerning his family’s moving reunion.

“Dear Peter,

I just spoke to you about a family reunion that was 47 years in the making. My sister. Lisa Goldberg, just found dad’s son, David, who has been separated from us since around 1964.

The significant thing about this week is that my sister and myself, Tommy Goldberg, traveled to California to meet our long-lost brother. We met David and his family, and even his mother, Darlene, who is the first wife of our father. Darlene ran off to California with the 6 month-old-baby back in 1964 and has been lost from the Goldberg family until now.

The reunion took place in San Martin, CA. I currently live near Fordham Road and I have lived in the Bronx my entire life. My long-lost brother David was originally born on Holland Avenue. My dad remained in the Bronx, remarried, had 3 more children, and worked at the Martone Photo Studio on Morris Park Avenue until his passing in 1990. Until June this year, when we finally found David, our Bronx-based family had been searching for “dad’s” first born son for about 30 years.

The most exciting thing may have been how David stumbled on Lisa’s 5 year old posting on The Goldbergs have been searching for David since the early 1980s with no luck. Family locations services said they found him in 2005, but he did not respond to the offer to communicate. David learned at about 12 years old that his biological father was “Marvin Goldberg” but only recently he mentioned to his librarian brother-in-law that he would like to know what happened to Marvin Goldberg. David had no idea that he may have half-siblings through Marvin.

Suddenly, David got an exciting voice mail from the librarian. He found a posting on and everything matched David perfectly.

Thank you,
Tommy Goldberg

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