Amputated Penis Reattached

Published on May 02, 2009, 2:55 am
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Indian doctors managed to sew back a man’s penis 13 hours after it had been chopped off by a jealous husband.

The surgery lasted 9 hours. Further examinations, which took a place a month later, revealed that the 18-year-old Jagdish Jivan Baria from the Indian state of Gujarat has not even lost his “manly talents”. Up until today, there’s been only 47 successful operations of this kind in the whole world. The young man was on his way from a mess at a local temple when he got attacked by an Indian Othello. The latter, along with several of his friends, has amputated the poor man’s reproductive organ and escaped with a penis in his pocket.

Doctor Sandil Sharma, who dicrected the course of the entire surgery, stated the following in his interview to the “Times of India”: “Fortunately, the boy’s parents were fast enough to call the police and the paramedics. The amputated organ had been momentarily confiscated, placed in a plastic bag in a fridge. This allowed for the organ to remain in good condition for the operation.”

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