800+ Innocent Jews Slain By Terrorists

Published on October 09, 2023, 2:56 pm
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Dear Neighbors and Friends,

The scripture describes Israel as a land flowing with milk and honey, yet this week, a river of Jewish blood flows instead, marking what is arguably the deadliest day for the Jewish community in my lifetime. The last time this many Jews were killed in one day was the holocaust.

The vicious and brutal attacks by Hamas terrorists have claimed the lives of over 800 people, shattering families and communities. Children were murdered in their beds, women raped in front of their children and executed, teens shot in their heads, and grandmothers and young children were kidnapped and dragged through the streets. The reports of Jewish hostages, and young rape victims being paraded through the streets of Gaza with bloodstains shocked me to the core.

The DSA New York held a rally in Times Square in celebration of this appalling assault on innocents. Shame on the DSA, and shame on anyone who supports them. The DSA is actively supporting these horrible acts of evil.

Thousands of Brooklyn residents are in Israel for the holidays, and many, including young children, are currently in bomb shelters as I send this letter. We all know individuals whose family members have been murdered.

I am urging you to stand in support of Israel and the Jewish community.

Tweet, post on social media, reach out to your neighbors and inquire about their families.

Show support for our community during this dark time.

Stand with us!


Rabbi Yaacov Behrman
President, Jewish Future Alliance


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