4 Techniques To Double Your Sales

Published on August 17, 2022, 2:02 am
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One way for any business to reach its full potential is to have multiple strategies that are all directed toward increasing customers and sales. But simply incorporating various strategies without fully understanding them can cost your business money. Thus, before applying a certain technique to your business, you must have a clear understanding of the technique’s pros and cons and whether it will suit your business.  

Fortunately, there are plenty of techniques to double your sales, regardless of your budget. As a start, get to know these four common techniques that are known to significantly enhance sales:

  1. Establish a people-centric sales team

Before inspiring your team about the need to increase your sales, you must first have a customer-centric company culture. This type of culture means that each team member should approach your offering from a feature or benefit perspective. By doing so, they will be well versed on how your products or services can add value to your customers.  

Today’s consumers increasingly choose to do business with companies who they feel really understand their pain points. As such, it is becoming more important for sales leaders to prioritize sales as a problem-solving approach. In other words, pose your solution to customers to entice them to buy from you. For companies engaged in the field service industry who have to quote for jobs before winning them, simple things like this invoice template can really help to cut down on admin time and facilitate more jobs being accepted. 

  1. Have a marketing plan

Now that you have a customer-centric brand, the next technique to double your sales involves having a marketing plan. A strong marketing plan allows your brand to speak to a wider audience. Management software, like this one developed by Jobber can be integrated to support with social media campaigns and email marketing, as well as being able to integrate with your website to create a 24/7 client hub for customers. All these things work together to enhance brand consistency and customer experience with you.  

Here is a breakdown of the three marketing plans: 

  • Social media advertising: Advertising on any social media platform allows you to tap into the algorithms dedicated to finding your target audience. Hence, a successful social media advertising campaign can boost your leads, which will ultimately turn into sales.
  • Online presence: Before advertising on any social media platform, you must have a social media profile on every platform you have dedicated an advertising budget to. Additionally, you must have a business website that uses all the strategies to help your business get listed on search engines.
  • Email marketing: Having a customer email list allows you to spread the news about your new products or special deals and discounts. Also, email marketing gives your business a chance to communicate with a customer personally, which is important in gaining trust and loyalty.
  1. Tailor your products/services to customers’ needs

Understand how your existing customer base uses your products and services. By doing so, you can tailor your offerings to your customer’s needs, helping you keep your business finances in check, too, since you will no longer have to invest in product or service features that are not important for your audience. 

Aside from modifying your products, you can also provide existing customers with personalized customer service or training. This way, you will have the opportunity to boost customer relationships, which is important for a business to be successful. Lastly, excellent customer service will translate into word-of-mouth, which is a highly efficient form of advertising. 

  1. Prioritize repeat customers

If you are a small business owner, spending a lot of resources to find new customers may not be the best way to go. Instead, you should dedicate your time and money to cross-selling or upselling repeat customers. Prioritizing current customers is significantly more cost-efficient and effective as they already know your products and services; you do not have to persuade them to trust your business.

One way to show existing customers your appreciation is by giving them special discounts and freebies. As a result, they will have the impression that they are important and valued. Being valued will boost customer retention. A valued customer can even help you acquire new customers, too. 

Consistency is the key!

It is essential to understand that doubling your sales will not happen overnight, even if you are using the best techniques for your business. More likely, it may take weeks or months for you to see the results. Thus, do not get discouraged if a newly employed strategy is not doubling your sales. You just have to be consistent and always monitor the results. By doing so, you can make an educated decision to continue or abandon a specific strategy.


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