1L Music’s Single “Nobody Knows”: Embrace Your Emotions Amidst The Pandemic

Published on February 18, 2021, 5:03 pm
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1L Music, a Bronx-based indie-rock band with inspirations from Coldplay to Hozier, debuts their first single, “Nobody Knows,” this Friday, February 19, 2021, at midnight across all streaming platforms. The song “Nobody Knows” painstakingly depicts the euphoric feeling of being with your one true soulmate. The listener is propelled into the “emotions of joy, uncertainty, and comfort, brought on by the rollercoaster ride of what is love,” gleams bandmate Nick.

Nick and Josh Anthony, founders of 1L Music and lifelong friends, faced two unique musical journeys that brought them together. Fear and depression struck Nick in his younger years, with the tribulations of how to fulfill the daunting task known as the “American Dream.” Whereas Nick saw music as a distraction, Josh joined his church singing group and realized that music was an equalizer: regardless of his social class, he could be a part of something larger than himself. Making music was the first time neither Nick nor Josh felt alone. After performing for weddings and throughout NYC in 2019, the crowds’ electric energy motivated them to turn their passion into careers. Though distance throughout life threatened to tear them apart, they continually supported each other unequivocally through songwriting.

“We went to different high schools but were part of the same religious group, and we would often sing a combination of old spirituals and folk songs. Sometimes we would rap over popular rap beats for friend’s birthdays. When Josh started learning piano in high school, he often would ask me to sing anything over something he was learning. In college, we were the farthest from each other, and for a time, tested our friendship by the challenges we faced on our separate paths. We helped each other through our hardest times by writing songs to process what we were going through. When our family and friends started to enjoy the songs we were writing and asking for particular songs from us, we started to envision the future and possibilities of our songwriting.”

1L Music is not your typical band. As toxic masculinity overarches many facets of the music scene, Nick and Josh Anthony take an alternate approach by translating their raw emotions into music. They pride themselves on being authentic and encourage their listeners to do the same. Compiled with their Latinx heritage and youth group upbringings — think impromptu jam sessions — it was music that showcased the light in the darkest of times.

“We are thrilled to bring you this release and share with you our full hearts. If you give us a listen, welcome, you’re part of our family now,” says 1L Music. The band is aiming to premiere the music video to accompany the song later this year. This is only the beginning for 1L. They have a handful of songs in the works with hopes to eventually drop an EP. Stay tuned for more, coming soon.

“Nobody Knows” drops across all streaming platforms on February 19, 2021. Pre-save on Spotify now. Follow 1L Music on their website, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

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