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Mark Anthony Lacy

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Mark Anthony Lacy, outsider artist, retro-glamor photographer, known for his signature style of authentically replicating 1950s men's magazine style, passed away on February 12 of heart failure. His work appeared in glossy publications such as Leg Show, Marquis, Secret, and Vibe.

He leaves behind his friends including Angela Ferola-Hill, and Richard Perez Seves, and many fans of his work. He will join his mother Gladys "Honey" Lacy in heaven, whom he spent his adult life looking after and loved beyond measure.

Mark gave his life to his career and family. He understood the value of embracing yourself, finding your passion, working hard, and believing in your talents. He will be remembered for his quirky sense of humor, his friendship, his kindness, and his breadth of knowledge in many subjects.

His solo book Retro Glamour Photography of Mark Anthony Lacy was published in 2017 and is available on Amazon. 

We see you Mark. You are appreciated, you are valued, you are loved, and you are missed. 

You legacy will live on in your photographs and in our hearts.


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