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My Wishes For The New Year

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You should know that making wishes, dreams, and plans to say goodbye to this year 2018, is an old tradition that we all do in preparation for the new year. We do this, hoping that the new year will be more prosperous than the one we are saying goodbye to.

Many of us make these wishes, on our knees in the church with our relatives and brothers in the faith. Others make their wishes on dance floors, in night clubs, in strip clubs, or in their homes drinking alcoholic beverages. I, myself, make my wishes on my knees a few minutes before midnight in my church. But we all have something in common, we make our wishes at 12:00 midnight when the clock welcomes the New Year.

I want to share some of my wishes with you, beforehand, for the year 2019. They are as follows:

  1. For Mayor Bill de Blasio: May he understand that closing streets, removing lanes from vehicles to give them to buses and bicycles, has contributed much more to vehicular congestion than anything else. By the way, the buses do not stick to their lanes, they always take the lanes of the vehicles.
  2. For Governor Andrew Cuomo: That he may understand that attacking Donald Trump is not enough to become President. This may work here in New York and California, but not in all States. Fixing the public transportation system and building housing that are actually for low income people here in the state and in the city, would resonate better in this state and throughout the nation.
  3. For residents of public housing in the City (NYCHA) and senior centers located in public housing: May this coming year, bring both Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo, to cease fighting and competing as to who is the most macho man. May they end the torture that thousands of residents in public housing endure: such as faulty elevators, lead paint, crumbling infrastructure, and no heat or hot water in the winter among many others.
  4. For the leaders of "MIRAM GROUP" that in the next elections they may have more luck since practically all their candidates were defeated. If they continue like this, they will have to declare bankruptcy. Rumor has it, all the members of the defunct "Independent Democratic Conference” (IDC) and its President, Jeff Klein, paid a lot of money and put their trust in the "MIRAM GROUP" but were defeated. Their only claim to victory would be Attorney General-Elect Letitia James, but she would have won even if I were the consultant.
  5. For New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson: That he continues to be the leader he has proven to be. Impartial, inclusive, and fair. And that the New Year brings him more strength to continue dealing with those that sometimes, because of their civil service status, think that they are “it”.
  6. For Anthony Perez - Assistant to the City Council Speaker: That next year he has more luck in the coordination and preparation of the dinner meeting between Council Members and the Speaker during the annual "Somos el Futuro" conference in Puerto Rico.
  7. To my friend Christopher Lynn: That in the New Year, the Lord reward him for being a friend that is a god-sent, an honest and sincere person that he has been to me for so many years. God bless you my brother!
  8. For Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez: That he can, for once, decide what he wants in life. Because aspiring to be in whatever position opens does not project sincerity and respect is lost.
  9. For Assemblyman Marcos Crespo: That he may ease his burden of holding so many leadership positions, even though he has done an outstanding job. Assemblyman of the 85th District, President of the Bronx Democratic County Committee, Chairman of "Somos el Futuro", Member of Governor Cuomo’s “NY Stands with Puerto Rico Recovery and Rebuilding Committee”, and many others, so that in the new year he can focus on his personal political future.
  10. For Senator Luis Sepulveda: That he may obtain the support and confidence of all the Hispanic Senators in the State to organize, stabilize, and create a strong NYS Hispanic Democratic Caucus, so together they may better defend our community.
  11. For Councilmen Rafael Salamanca and Ritchie Torres: May the Lord continue blessing and giving them more ability, integrity and dedication to continue their masterful work in the defense of their community.
  12. For Assemblyman Michael Blake: That in his search for the position of Public Advocate, he can manage to bring his friend, former President Barack Obama or his wife, former First Lady Michelle Obama, to publicly campaign for him. That would make life easier for the Businessman, and Bronx Community Leader Mr. George Alvarez.
  13. For Congressman Adriano Espaillat: That once and for all he can unify the Dominican leadership of Upper Manhattan so that the community does not continue to lose what they have sacrificed so much to obtain. If Adriano manages to coordinate a private meeting behind closed doors between Guillermo Linares, Marisol Alcantara, Ydanis Rodriguez, Carmen de la Rosa, Dr. Rafael Lantigua, and other leaders in the community, they may all manage to coordinate a Dominican agenda and place a single leader at the forefront. It would be the biggest blessing of the year 2019 for the Dominican community.
  14. For Fernando Ferrer: That Governor Andrew Cuomo, once and for all, would appoint him as the official President of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and stop using him as a “closer” every time a president resigns.
  15. For the Yellow & Livery Taxi Drivers of the City of New York: That this new year brings the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) more compassion and understanding to deal with the drivers of the taxi industry, and that they can receive a better deal, with more compassion, and less fines, preventing taxi drivers into a position where they feel the need to take their own lives.
  16. For the Members of the New York State Legislature: That in the New Year they find some consolation knowing that the Commission only recommended restrictions on their outside income and did not include term limits like the City Council and the Congress people.

And finally to the rest of you, my friends and foes - Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and a Happy New Year!

I am Councilman Rev. Rubén Díaz and this is what you should know.


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