Jacob Lew – White House Chief Of Staff

Posted on January 11, 2012, 9:35 am
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On January 9, 2012, President Obama announced that Jacob Lew, born August 29, 1955, is scheduled to be the 25th White House Chief of Staff, replaceing Bill Daley.

Lew, Orthodox Jewish, was born in New York City. His father emigrated from Poland to New York in 1916 and learned to speak English at Boys High School in Brooklyn.

Jacob attended New York City public schools, graduating from Forest Hills High School. His father was a lawyer and rare-book dealer who came to the United States from Poland as a child. Lew attended Carleton College in Minnesota where his faculty adviser was Paul Wellstone, “an outspoken liberal who eventually represented Minnesota in the U.S. Senate”. He graduated from Harvard College in 1978 and the Georgetown University Law Center in 1983.

Some of the positions held follow:

Director of the Office of Management and Budget
Served under: Bill Clinton

Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources

Director of the Office of Management and Budget
Served under: Barack Obama

White House Chief of Staff

Jacob Lew owns a home and resides in the predominantly Republican Riverdale section of Bronx and is little known among his neighbours.


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